Community CPR
By CPR chair
March 2, 2023

Teaching CPR has always been something important to me. I've been an instructor for over 15 years teaching a skill that I hope my students never have to use. Like the boy scouts' saying, "be prepared" it's the motto of my classes.

CSCVFC instructors are trained by the American Heart Association which has a number of courses from a short 20 minute "Anytime CPR" class with blowup manikins to nearly 8 hour comprehensive CPR/AED and First Aid courses with smart manikins to provide real-time feedback. Though I love teaching and recertifying our members and healthcare heroes, one of my favorite classes is our friends and family course.

This past weekend we truly had a remarkable friends and family course. We had a family of 4 with middle and high school aged children learning side by side with two families who have seen the benefit of CPR first hand. Hearing amazing stories of bystander CPR in action really drives home why the classes we teach are so important. There was also a first for me in my career; it was my first time teaching CPR to someone who has survived a cardiac arrest.

Empowering our community to act and feel confident in an emergency is just one of the many aspects I love about being a volunteer.

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Ron Block March 07, 2023 at 1:20 PM
Fantastic message!

Cape St. Claire Volunteer Fire Company March 07, 2023 at 4:39 PM