Chimney Fire Prevention
By Member Brady Farrar
February 27, 2023

With this years extended and unpredictable winter, many families are quick to turn to their fireplace for heat. Fireplaces are a great option for heating your home, but they are a fire hazard if not maintained properly.

Even with 2023 so young, Cape Saint Claire alone has already seen multiple chimney fires, and multiple that have caused severe structural damage past the chimneys. Like most fires, measures can be taken to prevent them.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), most chimney fires are caused by a dirty chimney. Creosote and soot will build up in your chimney overtime, and if not cleaned regularly, creates fuel for a fire to ignite inside of your chimney. Chimneys are designed for smoke, not fire.

The CSIA declares that #1 way to prevent chimney fires is to schedule annual chimney inspections and cleanings as needed. The best time to clean your chimney can be during non-use seasons, like spring and summer. However if you haven't cleaned your chimney in over a year, you should do it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you plan on continuing usage.

For more information on chimney fires and how to prevent them, visit the CSIA's Facts about Chimney Fires article.

Hyperlinks: CSIA - Facts About Chimney Fires