Touch-A-Truck 2023 was a honking success!
By Vice President Michael-Anne Ashford
May 12, 2023

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our first Touch-A-Truck since COVID. We couldn't have a successful event without you and our amazing truck hosts. Please support the wonderful companies who supported us.

Annapolis Police Department:
Thank you Brandon for brining your SUV and for all you do to protect our community

Annapolis Transit:
Thank you Ivy for bringing your Trolley

Arundel Dumpster:
Thank you Tommy (a Cape St. Claire local) and Zachary for your dump truck

Chesapeake charter:
Thank you Peter for brining your school bus

Thank you James, Jason, Liam, and Ron for brining your vehicles and our first ever touch-a-boat

Thank you Ebony for brining your sanitation vehicle

Lifestar Response:
Thank you Nathan for brining your ambulance

Mission BBQ:
Thank you Erich, George, Miguel, and Tony for all of your support of our department and Meghan for arranging our volunteer lunches

Thank you Joe, Martin, and Tony for bringing your semi and tanker

Thank you Joe for brining your news truck

Palmer's towing:
Thank you Carl, Richard and Tonya for bringing your flat bed with slammed truck

Public works:
Thank you Andrea, Claire, Ken, and Tonea for your 6 wheel dump truck

Richards Tree Care:
Thank you Christy for bringing and demonstrating the log hauler

Schuster Concrete:
Thank you Joel for brining your cement truck

United rentals:
Thank you Randy for brining your flat bed with just a taste of the equipment you have for rent (lift, skid steerer, stump grinder)

A special thank you to our fire department friends who helped keep the volume up and the water flowing!
Greenhaven Volunteers: Michael, Richard, and Timothy who brought a quint, engine, and squad
Mount Gilead: Renee and Tony who brought an engine
Chesapeake Fire: Maureen and Mike for brining your CJ-7 Brush jeep and water display
Anne Arundel County Fire Department: Jim, Drew, John for brining the tanker and our brand new brush truck
We thank company 23 and 32 for their service fighting a fire making them unable to attend the event as planned