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​​​​​​​Company Officers

Chief Drew Mutch

Executive Board

President                                     Tina Dembowski
Vice PresidentRandi Beavers
County Funds Treasurer Ron Block
Company Funds Treasurer George Ryan, Jr.
SecretaryJessica Miller
Sergeant at Arms        
Emily Krug           

Career Personnel

A Shift B Shift C Shift D Shift
Lieutenant Mayock Lieutenant Eckhardt Captain​​​Stratton
Bucevicius FADOTaluba
Morgan Firefighter II/EMT Wetzel Firefighter II/EMT Keeney Firefighter II/EMT Newton Firefighter II/EMT
Seidel Firefighter II/EMT Bates Firefighter II/EMT Clark Firefighter II/EMT Haines Firefighter II/EMT
​​​Firefighter II/EMTLage​​​​Firefighter II/EMTScott-Conroy​​​Firefighter II/EMTKingston​​​Firefighter II/EMT



Volunteer Members


Meeting Schedule

General membership meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm. Exceptions are made in December when the meeting is held on the 2nd Thursday.  The June meeting will also be held on the 2nd Thursday if the Maryland State Fireman's Association (MSFA) Convention falls during the week of the 3rd Thursday.

 In Loving Memory of Our Fallen Firefighters

Percy A. Pugh
J. Schwallenburg*
P.C. Haigley, Sr.
Frank Albert
Charles Degraw
Donald R. Moon, Sr.
Roland I. LaVoie
Elmer W. "Chick" Harvey
Raymond W. Jordan
Richard F. Morgan
Henry L. Wiles
Joseph A. Waters
Bruce A. Dubel
Fern Gibson
Nona Gibson
Clarence L. "Bird" Bowie
Mary K. Harvey
Benajmin Jordan
Kenneth Warfield Wiles

Nancy Wright

Bob Siebel

*Line of Duty Death