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    As you may know our two major fund raising activities are Christmas Tree sales and the Reflective signs. But most of our donations come directly from you.

   Thanks to your very generous donations we have been able to purchase the majority of equipment and apparatus we use on a daily basis. This need, however, is never ending.  Your donations go to purchase new apparatus, such as the two engines currently in service. Fire engines aren't our only tools. We have been able to purchase a thermal imaging camera, which not only makes our jobs safer but limits the amount of damage needed to put the unseen fires out quickly and efficiently.

    If you would like to donate, checks can be made out to CSCVFC and mailed to 1411 Cape St Claire Rd Annapolis, MD 21409.   Thank you for your support!


2021 Recognitions  

$2,500-$4,999.99: Captains
Electracon Inc., Phyllis Wright

$1,000-$2,499.99: Lieutenants
John Hariadi
Edward Morandin
Scott Wilson
Mark Roberts
Donald Morganstern
John Bell
ACE Hardware
James Simrall
Andy & Leslie Price

$500-$999.99: Firefighters
Joseph Snyder
Ronald Block
Douglas Feiock
Matthew Ballard
Christopher Wallace
Charles Hesdorffer
Timothy & Carla McGill
William Bowman
Stephen & Sharon Kelly
Timothy Nixon
George Mckenzie

$250-$499.99: First Responders
John Kubit & Hillary Fort
William Hufnell
Peter Bradley
Christopher Battista
Bella's Liquor
Charles Licameli
Anthony Kubik
Bruce Bereano
Timothy Brenza
Charles Moore Jr, 
Cape St Claire Improvement Association & Club House
David Mclaughlin
Terrain Inc.
Kenneth Odea
Shawn & Sandi Cavanagh
Robert Frantz
George Bahr
John Lawther
Thomas Bainbridge
Robert Beall
William Haygood
Richard Shaker
Elizabeth Eastlake
Cynthia Holland